Friday, April 16, 2010

Zac Posen for Target: Bringing Back the Magic!

Zac Posen for Target - Gown in Safety-Pin Print, $69.99

Just a couple weeks ago I wrote a post that I was disappointed in a couple designer collaborations for Target because I didn't feel they maintained the designer's true originality and style...but let me tell you I am SO EXCITED about Zac Posen's line! I was flipping through my May Vogue this week and saw the ad and immediately dropped my Vogue and hopped on my computer to check out the official lookbook. And I have to say, job well done Mr. Posen. You managed to keep your originality and design sense, but still price these pieces for the mass market at the same time. How lucky for us ladies with small wallets that still love to watch your runways!

Some people are calling this a "return of the 90's", which I find hilarious because I didn't realize I was old enough to have my "era" come back, lol. Return of the 90's or not, I'm in L-O-V-E. Thank you Mr. Posen for bringing back the magic to the Target designer lines. Here are some of my favorites from the lookbook: This hits stores April 25th. I'd advise you not to miss it. :)

Zac Posen for Target - Cardigan in Black & Zac Lipstick Tank in White, $49.99 & 16.99

Zac Posen for Target - Brocade Tie Dress in Floral Print, $74.99

Zac Posen for Target - Dress in Polka-Dot Print and Braided Belt in Blue & Pink, $39.99 & $24.99

Zac Posen for Target -Pleated Tie Top in Pink Tie-Dye Print, Ruched Skirt, Braided Belt - $34.99, $34.99, & $24.99

Zac Posen for Target -Raincoat in Yellow & Ruched Skirt in Black, $49.99 & $34.99

Zac Posen for Target - Sailor Dress in Tiger Print & Braided Belt in Black, $39.99 & $24.99

Zac Posen for Target - Snap Tape Dress in Blue, $69.99

Zac Posen for Target - Sweater Dress in Black, $49.99


p.s. I have to apologize the image quality isn't the best...but sometimes you compromise to get a sneak peek at something this amazing. :)

p.s. jr - I don't know what has gotten in to me but I actually adore the look of those socks with these dresses, lol. Maybe it's just something I like for an editorial pic, but wouldn't try in real life...I think it may give me flashbacks of those frilly bobby socks I wore with my dresses as a little girl. :)

Photos courtesy of Target & Fashionista


  1. i have to agree. i am in love with these looks. and i'm traveling the 25th so i'm going ot have to send someone to the store to grab a few things for me! seriously!

  2. I did a post on this awhile back and am absolutely in LOVE with this collab. I'm so excited!
    xxoo Josie

  3. I believe fist fights are going to break out on release day over that brocade tie dress and the snap tape dress.

  4. Yeah this is a fab collection!! :)

    And this is a really FAB blog!!! :D

    And what is wrong with the frilly socks! I make them and wear them! lol ;)

  5. wow - what fantastic pieces at such great prices. target is genius with their branding...that's why it's one of the most dangerous places for me to shop! have a fantastic weekend!

  6. I have been looking for these photo's forever!
    oh and
    Check my blog I have something special for you!!


  7. I looooove the yellow raincoat!!!
    Great outfits!!! I want them all!!
    Really like your blog! I'm following!


  8. the first dress is great! love long dresses like that, just got another one on a little shopping spree on friday!

    Bikinis & Passports

  9. First time visiting your blog. Loved it!

  10. wow! what a find! nice meeting your adorable blog ;)

  11. Agreed! Loved the collection and raced to Target today to check it out!


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