Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eugenia Kim + Cynthia Vincent for Target = BIG DISAPPOINTMENT

Cynthia Vincent striped flats for Target (I LOVE these, but I'm not crazy about the rest).

I was really really excited to see the lookbooks for Target's latest rounds of designer collaborations with Cynthia Vincent (shoes) and Eugenia Kim (hats). I really adore the striped ballet flats by Cynthia Vincent (as shown above), but I'm pretty disappointed in everything else. I mean there really is nothing wrong with the rest of the shoes by Cynthia Vincent, I suppose some are even kind of cute, but they just don't seem very original to me and I guess I just expected more. A lot more. I will still make my way over there to try on those flats though, I hope they look as amazing in person or I may start losing hope in Target's designer lines.

Cynthia Vincent for Target lookbook. See there is really nothing wrong with these shoes, just haven't we seen these all before?

Now on to Eugenia Kim. This line was even more hyped up than Cynthia Vincent's and when I looked at the official lookbook today I just don't get it. Some of the hats seem like they could be cute but they are just in the wrong color (what's up with the pastel green?). Maybe I really need to see how these look on actual people or maybe I'm just not seeing the vision, but in general...kind of blah. Am I being to harsh here? I really want to be excited about these, but I think I will just have to check out the Cynthia Vincent striped flats and get over the rest.

Round 1. Eugenia Kim for Target lookbook. I really wish that green hat was in another color and then I think I'd be all about it.

Round 2. Eugenia Kim for Target lookbook. These seem even more odd to me.

If these look more fabulous in person, I will write an "I'm sorry I was wrong" post, but what do you think about these? Excited? Bored?


Photos courtesy of Target


  1. i certainly don't think you're being harsh. i agree. and you'll have to let me know how those flats are. they seem to be the most exciting and i know they won't hit the target here so if they're awesome, i'll be online shopping for them!

  2. Woaaaah there. What were you expecting, a revelation??

    I am actually pretty pumped about their lines, and yes, maybe it isn't anything new and amazing from either designer. I look at it like this: Target's lines aren't for people who can normally afford the designer's lines to begin with, and the lines made by target offer popular designer styles and signatures at an attainable price for the mass public. Maybe not everything is 'new' to the world of fashion, but it's freaking Target, not an avante-garde runway! People who love Jean Paul or Temperly (or any designer that Target has worked with) aren't excited to see new and amazing things that they've never seen before, but pieces that designers are known for with a lower price tag.

    On a side note, i think the color-block grey/black hat is pretty cute, and I don't really mind the greenish one either...kind of have to wait and see. And while yes, all of those shoes don't look jaw-dropping amazing, but they still look fun and cute at significantly cheap prices - I like the top tan wedges with the colorful wrap...I mean, they are freaking hats and shoes! Mass produced for Target! You can't expect so much...

  3. I've been excited to see all of these designers working with Target, but I have to agree that the results haven't been too exciting ... and I hate to say it because I love, love, love Target! I'm hoping the strappy studded sandals are cute in person, but I'm not digging the hats or the color palette either. Love the blog, Bre. :)

  4. I have to say I agree with the post... I would think that if a designer has ingenious fashion ideas, he or she could still find a way to mass produce them at an attainable price point. It is the imagination and creativity that produces something of value in my opinion. Yes, the material and craftsmanship is going to play a role in the overall look, which may not be doable at a Target price, but I think the designer can get his or her point across without expensive materials; for example, all the amazing designs on Project Runway made out of God knows what...

  5. Thanks so much for your comment, Bre! What a cute blog you have, too -- I'll definitely be back for another visit. :)

  6. I'm with you on the Cynthia Vincent shoes. I love her shoes and this collaboration could have been much, much better. But I do love the flats. (Do you know when they debut?)

    I'm going to disagree with you on the hats, though. I saw the mint green one in a magazine and for some reason I recall the color looking different because I promptly put it on my wish list - along with the straw hat with the dark green piping.

  7. I really want to check out that hat with the striped band. I think it has potential!

  8. Hi Jessica & Kristin - Yes those flats look really great don't they? The shoes and hats both debut on April 18th. I'm glad to hear the color of that green hat may be off in this photo, because I like everything about that hat except for that color (the striped band is cute). Hopefully in person it will be charming. :)

    Happy Hunting to you both!

  9. You're right. Not very original, but I guess they have to focus on the mass market. I do love that colorful print though. Now I just need to see how comfortable they are.

  10. i think i am going to agree with you. what happened to trendsetting???? still love target though. lol

    great post woman. thanks for your super sweet comments, too. xo

  11. I agree, cute but not cutting edge. I was disappointed with Liberty too, nothing fit me right. Even though they are plain though I am sure I will be getting some!

  12. that was a good issue of elle, I adored the cover look!

  13. I'm pretty confident that NO retraction will be necessary!


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