Monday, April 19, 2010

Ropes & Roses

Hope you all had a great weekend! I have some pictures from the Green Scene festival I attended this weekend that I will have to post up later (a lot of beautiful flowers and greenery). For now I wanted to start off Monday with a little accessory inspiration. Lately I have been seeing more and more ropes or roses incorporated into accessories and I’m really digging it. I think it’s a great break from the norm of silver or gold and I love the organic quality of it (the simplicity just seems so right for Spring). It’s fun and low-key but also looks great paired with a glamorous out-to-there do like the first picture above. So here are some of my favs from fellow esty sellers. Enjoy!

Ivory Sailor Knot Headband 1, $14 by marcelacamargo

And these two are from the shop of one of my readers! Really great Amy!

I Love Knots Too, bracelet by Junghwa $17

Twisty Bracelet by Junghwa $14

Frayed Rosette Necklace, $32 by the ModMarket

Green and Black Statement Necklace, $35 by MissBettyLou's

Twill Rosette Hair Clip Brooch, $12 by GarlandsOfGrace

Here are some beautiful roses if you're the DIY-type and want to create your own rose-adorned pieces. I actually purchased these myself and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. I've been wanting to buy or make a rosette tee for awhile now, but haven't found one yet that wasn't too over-the-top so I'll be making my own with these. We'll see how it goes. (And yes ok, this makes it only semi-DIY since I'm not making the rosettes too, but I like to support fellow etsy shop owners and the price seemed well worth it.)

Hope you see something you love too!



Photos above all courtesy of the respective shop owners.


  1. Every one of these pieces is gorgeous! I'm loving any kind of rope bracelet right now -- those little ones by Junghwa are lovely!
    xxoo Josie

  2. Beautiful... Love the rope bracelets....


  3. Love these!!! So soft, so adorable. I love hair pieces, they make the difference in any out-fit. I make these too and try to sell on etsy. The problem is that usually, for each piece I make to sell, I make one for me. Ohhh the rope bracelets are so unique!

  4. I love the double rose headband...and while we're at it, can I just have her hair too? :)

  5. very pretty, I love the sailor knot headband

  6. great picks! I love finding new etsy shops to love and all the ones you picked are adorable. I especially love that first headband!

  7. These are all great, and I especially love the knot bracelets!

  8. Thanks for stopping by!
    I love these headbands...tre chic!

    Eleanor - Shopping The Closet

  9. Love the knot headband. What a fun post!


  10. omg this stuff is hyper cute!!
    loved the blog!i am all in for you girl!!keep it up!!

  11. I'm obsessed with fabric flowers at the moment too! I'm working on some linen ones for pins. I usually make them for me and then end up on my daughter's headbands.... so I can never have too many :)

  12. I found your blog through my friend. I really love Etsy, now I have some new shops to check out, thanks! :)

  13. okay, now i have to buy some of these! love them!

  14. sailor knots are definitely huge right now. i love the idea of a sailor know headband.

  15. I posted a thank you on my blog today. THANK YOU! My rope bracelets just look lovely on your blog. :)

  16. Hi Bre! I just came over from Junghwa! Great post, I LOVE the nautical look of ropes. I adore that headband, I might need to get that, seriously. Anyway, I'm so glad I found you this morning, and I'm a new follower! Cheers!

  17. These are all adorable! I love the twisty bracelet!


  18. The rope trend is cool. Learning how to tie some fancy knots is on my list of things to do.


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