Monday, April 12, 2010

Time to Get Motivated: Triathlon + Workout Wear

Aerie F.I.T. workout wear.

A few weeks back some friends at work asked me to join them in a relay triathlon. I was very stoked at the idea (why haven't I thought of doing something like this before?), but unfortunately I realized the event was the same weekend as a good friend's wedding so I wouldn't be able to go. But if you know me at all, I don't like to say no to a challenge so I figured I would just have to find another triathlon in which I could participate (thanks for inspiring me Wendy & Mariel!). I did some research online and found this great website ( where you can search by state for all the triathlons. I started with the beginner's triathlon list, since I figured I would die if I did the Olympic distances, and found a few in my area that might work.

Then I thought: How cool would it be to do a triathlon with my brother and sister? A Team Staggs event! They are both very active, and it would be something that would be cool to accomplish together. So lucky me I was very easily able to recruit them to join me. My brother Trent will be doing the 1.5K swim, Camie will be doing the 5K run, and I will be doing the 20K bike ride. Now my only fear is that they will totally kill it, and I will well....die! So now that I've convinced them to do this, I need to get crackin' on shaping up or shipping out!

I've created my own workout program that is a cross between the P90X workout series and biking. I’m calling it “Bre 90X” :). I like the P90X program, but I feel that the cardio for Phase 1 is not very effective for me so I've mixed and matched to come up with my own routine (if you'd like specifics let me know). I'm officially in week 2 of my Bre 90X regimen and so far I'm doing good in terms of sticking with it. I figure maybe I will post every so often about my training progress to help encourage me to stay on the right path (unless nobody is interested, lol).

Oh yes, and of course since this is mostly a personal and home style blog, I had to do some searching for cute and affordable workout wear to help motivate those of you working towards fitness goals of your own. I don't know why it always seems so difficult to find cute and functional workout clothes, but to my surprise I found really really great workout wear at American Eagle (Aerie FIT brand). I have found an abundance of things I wouldn't mind wearing and the prices are very reasonable. So here goes:

Some black & white combos (if you didn't notice I'm obsessed with this combo):

Aerie F.I.T. underwire active bra in black & white (underwire for extra support for the well-endowed), $39.50

Aerie F.I.T. striped rollover pant (I think the stripes are so cute), $39.50

Aerie F.I.T. floral ruched tank (it has a built-in sports bra too!), $39.50

Aerie F.I.T. bike shorts, (these look like they will be long enough to not ride up during a long bike ride)$29.50

Some little bits of color:

Aerie F.I.T. flower tank, $19.50

Aerie F.I.T. cropped workout pants, $39.50

Aerie F.I.T. v-neck workout bra, (also comes in 3 other color combos I just think this one is cheery) $24.50

Aerie F.I.T. Sprinter Blue workout bra, (same style as shown in intro picture just different color)$24.50

What do you think? You like? If you have any tips on where to find cute workout wear, or are working towards one of your own fitness goals, I'd love to hear from you! Maybe we can help motive each other. :)



All photos courtesy of American Eagle Outfitters


  1. All of this stuff is so cute! Love it! Forever 21 is starting to carry fitness stuff too! Total rip offs of Lulu Lemon but I don't mind!

  2. those clothes are so cute! best of luck with the biking part of the tri. i'm so with you. i think i could definitely handle biking and running . . . but swimming? eh, not so much. :)

  3. Ooo good tip Lyndsy! It does look like Forever 21 has some cute activewear now too. I'm not sure how great the construction would be, but at those prices you could buy new active wear every season! lol. Good find :)

  4. Good luck with training! I can't wait to read more about your rides and of course the big event!!


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