Monday, April 5, 2010

I heart Thomas Paul!

Thomas Paul pillows: Seed in scarlet, Matryoska luxe silk, and Robin in indigo. $80-100 each.

I've always loved Thomas Paul silk pillows, but shame on me, until recently I had no idea he made more than just pillows. I love the whimsical mix of birds and sea creatures in his latest collections. I've picked out some of my favorites to show here to set the record straight that Thomas Paul makes pillows, zipper pouches, tote bags, plates, coaster, lamps, rugs....and the list goes on. To see more or to purchase Thomas Paul upholstery grade fabrics to create your own beauties, check out his website here.

Thomas Paul Aviary melamine (plates). Mix and match from 9 different patterns!

Thomas Paul Portland coasters. $16 for set of 4.

Patio pillows: puffer & sea horses! $84-90 each.

Thomas Paul Hummingbird Tech Case & Lovebirds laptop case ($24 & $50). This makes me realize I really need to replace my laptop bag with a beautiful & fun case like this one.

Thomas Paul Puffer Fish Pouch and Crab Tote ($20 & $36). Both of these are adorable options for afternoons at the beach.



Photos courtesy of Thomas Paul and Velocity Art & Design

1 comment:

  1. I love Thomas Paul pillows. There is a red zinnia pillow that I've been coveting forever. I have no where to put it, but I still love it.


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