Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Out with the POOF! In with the Twist!

Ok, let's face it. Snookie pretty much killed whatever bit of stylish-ness the hair "poof" had left. I can't look at a poof the same now without seeing THIS face. So what to do with my in between side bangs when I just want to pull them back out of my face? I've decided this Spring & Summer I will just sport what I'm calling "the twist".

I overslept a bit this morning and was rushing out the door, so I just twisted my side bangs back and threw my hair is a little semi-messy bun. And you know what? I think I dig this "Twist" thing. It would look even better with my hair down (think of beach wavy hair with the little twist on the side). I'm thinking this will be a great way to keep my crazy curly bangs out of my face after playing in the ocean this Summer. I'm not a model by any means, but I took a couple pictures so you could see what my twist looks like. What do you think?

Let me know if you think I'm just crazy, but I dig it. LOL.


Top photo courtesy of Film Magic


  1. Way cuter than Snookie! lol I like. Also you asked a question about Whitney Port's dress on my blog... it's a Dior! :)

    Thanks for stopping by.


  2. i've been all about the twist and the braid lately. love it!
    and i concur -- snooks killed the poof, for sure.

  3. So cute...... looks good :)


  4. I think the twist is cute. I'm thinking of trying the french braid thing again occasionally like I did back in highschool.

  5. Hey! I've been doing the same thing :) I love it how it looks on you!

  6. I love this style. Very cute :) I'll have to give it a try.

    <3 Ashley M.

  7. You look great, I love your red hair! I think this look is getting very popular now, along with side braids. Ugh, poor pouf to be so poorly represented by someone like Snookie. She is just horrible!

  8. SUPER cute 'do!! Loving the twist and I usually opt for it because I'm able to catch all my layers at the same time!

  9. Thanks you guys! I got much more comments on this than I had anticipated. I think you helped make me a little less intimidated to put up pix of me (kind of nerve-wrecking, but I should try to get used to it, lol).

    Comment love is much appreciated. :)


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