Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The LONG Black Dress

Simple, elegant, and amazing. Olivia Wilde looks stunning in this floor-length (but not over the top) black gown. I'm totally in love with this look and would totally wear this...if I had some place to wear it to. :)



photos courtesy of J!-ENT

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vote: Crazy or Cool?

Spotted via Planet Blue's blog (click here). They are socks, but kind of like shoes on the bottom too? I have to say I kind of adore them for lounging at home. Maybe I will treat myself to some of these as stocking stuffers for Xmas. :)

What do you think?



photos via Planet Blue (as linked above)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Yosemite Fall v. Summer

*us with Half Dome in the back - Fall 2010*

I mentioned in a post last week that the colors in Yosemite this time of year were really beautiful. I was browsing through some of my pictures from our trip today and thought I'd share this one as a perfect example. It's a classic "us in front of Half Dome" picture, but the colors are far different from the photos I took of Half Dome three years ago in the Summer time (see below). Both equally beautiful, but I wouldn't have missed out on either experience (Fall vs Summer)!

*Half Dome - same meadow in Yosemite as shown above but from Summer 2007*

Hope you had a great weekend! I spent mine catching up with some great friends - it had just been far too long.



Friday, November 5, 2010

My Favs from Lanvins for H&M

*coat love - on a side note I have a serious obsession with coats and jackets that probably isn't healthy*

*j'adore these dresses and those red red shoes!*

These are some of my favorites from the Lanvin for H&M collection launching November 20th. The women's pieces range from $149 to $349 (dresses at the lower end, with coats at the higher end) and shoes all being $99. Very fun collection and the video is quirky too (google it, you won't be disappointed). A few of those coats I could wear repeatedly; however, I'm not sure I'll be spluring for any of those dresses. They are wonderful - but so unique that I wouldn't feel like I couldn't wear them very often. If I could score shoes or that tee paired with the fur (faux?) coat in the first picture, I'd consider myself one lucky girl (even luckier if I scored the coats but I don't see myself actually buying them - if I bought everything I drooled over I'd be living in a cardboard box. lol.).

Have any favorites of your own?



photos courtesy of H&M

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mirror Lake

This year for Halloween weekend we did something totally different; instead of heading to the usual costume party extravaganza, Danny surprised me by booking a camping trip to Yosemite National Park (one of our favorite places!). This time of year Yosemite was much much less crowded than usual and the oak leaves were starting to turn golden colors. All in all, it was pretty beautiful, but also pretty chilly! We were bundled up all weekend, but after biking up a really steep hill to Mirror Lake on Saturday we actually got hot enough to take off our heavy duty ski jackets for a few minutes and take some pictures.

We tent camped, which not many people were doing this time of year because of the cold (had it been 10 or 15 degrees colder we wouldn't have been tent camping either), but if you have ever thought about going to Yosemite during the off season I would highly reccomend it. If you're worried about being too cold, RV camping is always an option and there are plenty of cabins available too.

Here are the first couple of pictures from my trip. Hope you enjoy!


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