Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Green Scene + Dumbarton Oaks Gardens

Every year we go to Green Scene with my in-laws - a plant & garden festival of sorts at CSU Fullerton. It may sound silly, but I just love it. My mother-in-law has a big green thumb and a big beautiful garden to go with it (sorry no pics), and when we go she has a big cart that she carries around (well...that my father-in-law carries around) and manages to fill it to the brim with plants. I dream of the day I actually own some grassy patches of my own where I can fill up a big cart's worth of plants, but for now I'm happy to just go and find a few pieces of greenery and veggies for our little apartment patio.

Our patio is completely covered and gets minimal sunlight, so it is always a bit of a challenge to find lucious plants that want to live back there. We have a series of large potted plants (a couple dwarf fruit trees, berry vines and some seasonal flowers) that we have up against the fence. We have been carrying these pots around with us for 6 years from our last apartment, I am all but shocked our little orange tree has not completely died yet (it used to get a lot more sun at my last apartment). On top of the fence we have 3 large planters: 1 is a cactus garden and the other 2 we rotate out seasonal veggies and herbs.

This year I am excited to go to Green Scene, because all of the bell peppers, hot peppers, and tri-colored beans that we bought last year were very successful! I am stoked to go back and pick out some more, along with some seasonal flowers for two of our large floor pots. Oh and of course, we always make a stop at the big pond to watch the ducks and turtles.

In the spirit of Green Scene, I am posting some pictures of the gardens at Dumbarton Oaks. I just recently found these online and I think this place is gorgeous. Dumbarton Oaks is a famous 19th century mansion in Washington, D.C. with 10 acres of gardens! By the looks of it, if I lived anywhere nearby I would for sure spend a little time there enjoying the beauty. Enjoy!

What are you doing with your garden this Spring?



All photos courtesy of Home and Gardening Info


  1. what a beautiful place. i love the staircase picture!!

    AlphaBetaChic Blog

  2. Ohhh this looks gorgeous! We were just in D.C. this past weekend, I wish I could have visited. Nothing like gardens brimming with fresh blooms in springtime! xoxo katie

  3. Thanks for leaving a link so I could find you!! Can't wait to read more. I love reading everything I can about fellow DIY-ers.

  4. OMGosh!! I was meant to read your blog tonight -my gardener extraordinaire husband NEVER misses a green scene and I'm pretty sure we would have missed it if I hadn't read this post!!

    sweet blog!! love it!

  5. Really beautiful photos.

    Btw... I checked out your etsy shop. Your knit pillows are so cute!

  6. Thanks you guys!

    Cindy & Elsie - Glad to have you as my newest followers. :) Elsie I'm glad you looked at my blog too. Green Scene is only once a year so it would have been a shame to miss it. Maybe I'll see you there (look for the short redhead with hubby and in-laws in tow).

    Junghwa/Amy (still haven't decided which to call you yet, lol) - so glad you like my shop! The knitting is definitely time consuming, but I love how plushy everything turns out. I wish I could somehow capture that better on camera. :)

  7. What a beautiful place! Gives me garden envy....


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