Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quilt made with LOVE

I'm very very proud to share this post today. A couple years ago while visiting my great aunties, my mom tried her hand at quilting. When she got home she took some quilting classes and got bit by the quilting bug BIG TIME. She's been feverishly turning out quilts for all of her grandchildren ever since, and she recently decided to start making quilts for each of her children, and lucky me....I got to be first.

She knows of my love for all things black & white (not sure if "love" is strong enough of a word...maybe really "obsession") and the two of us picked out some beautiful black and white fabrics while she visited with me last Spring. This quilt has been months in the making and she has had to put it down a few times to work on baby blankets for a couple new additions to the ever-growing family, but the quilt is finally done.

A picture of the label & pattern name

She used a black & white thread to create a starburst pattern throughout the quilt

Another close-up of one of the blocks

I couldn't fit the whole quilt at once! But there is a black border that goes all the way around this pattern.

I have to say I am so proud of how beautiful this turned out; even though I have to apologize that my pictures don't truly do this justice. I am very impressed by my mom's dedication to something so tedious and I'm even more impressed with how quickly she picked up this hobby and makes it look so pro. Job very well done my cute little momma, very well done indeed (this will always be a treasured piece for me). I love it so much that this is now the inspiration for my future guest bedroom. In my redBungalow style I want to mix modern elements in this beautiful handmade quilt. I'm thinking of a room featuring this grand quilt as a breadspread that will look something like this (minus the lucite side tables):

(one of my old clippings from a Domino mag years ago)

The black wall is very modern and I think it will go great with the quilt. The leather headboard is just a weekender DIY project with a couple trips to Home Depot and Joanns (and my 40% off coupon for the leather). While I love the chandelier sconces in this picture. I am a bit undecided if they will look too busy with the all the beautiful details of the quilt. It will be something I will have to see for myself once I have all the elements together in person.

And of course...I may have to knit & build a black knit bench to go at the bottom of the bed; the knit pattern would be similar to my ottomans but the construction of the knit would only cover the seat and not go all the way down to the floor. After all, every guest needs a place to sit down and buckle on some great heels! I'm so excited to be able to pull this all together.


  1. i am always amazed to the end product of quilters. they are truly amazing and your's is beautiful! and i too am trying to figure out the diy headboard, so let me know how it turns out!

  2. That is beyond beautiful. I truly wish I had the talent to quilt!


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