Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swimwear Search 2010

*LSpace Girl's Best Friend Halter and Scanty Bottom, $68 & $70 each at Molly Brown's Swimwear.*

I'm a little late in the game, but I'm finally starting my Swimwear Search 2010. The dreaded search for the perfect suit that almost always ends in frustration and compromise. Well this year Dan and I have a trip planned to Belize, Cozumel, Honduras, and a couple Caribbean islands....so I know it's getting very late in the Summer but I'll be damned if I can't find SOMETHING that will look halfway great on me since I'm bound to spend 80% of our trip in swimwear. That also reminds me that it's been over 3 months now since I've done any exercise and I should seriously start thinking about getting back to that.

Here are some options that I'm thinking about trying on. The problem with waiting until it's almost August to look for a swimsuit, is that a lot of places are very sold out. I might have to buy online and just return it if it doesn't work out (I really really don't like the thought of not trying on a suit before I purchase it, but most online sites have such great return policies these days I suppose it's not that big of deal). Luckily I have a couple/few months to find a couple/few suits, but since I'm picky and self-conscious about how these might fit...I don't want to be stuck at the last minute with boring old suits in beautiful exotic places. What do you think? Any favorites or other suggestions?

*LSpace Porsha Top and Foxy Bottom in Ashore Thing, $70 & $64 each at Molly Brown's*

*L Space Twister Top and Taboo Bottom in Milano, $65 & $60 each at Molly Brown's*

*L Space Twister Top in Katmandu and Taboo Bottom in Black, $64 and $65 at Molly Brown's*

*L Space Porsha Bikini in Ladoccia, $150 at Butterflies and Bikinis*

*Vitamin A Signature Collection - Bianca Halter and Jade Bottom in White, approx. $144 each at Molly Brown's*

*Vitamin A Silver - Topanga Halter and Doheny Bottoms in Big Love Pattern, $49.50 each at Molly Brown's*

I think I like this one better than the one just above, but not quite sure yet. Vitamin A Silver - Original Twist Top and Le Blon Bottoms in Big Love Pattern, $49.50 each at Molly Brown's*




  1. These are all such cute choices!! A trip to the Caribbean?! How exciting!! :)
    Hopefully you'll be able to find these (that they're not all sold out) - but the good news is: if you DO, they'll all be on sale! :)
    Good luck!! These are all so fab! :)

  2. Holy awesome- sounds like you've got quite the adventure coming up! This may not be very fashion forward, but I've been pleasantly surprised with Khols swim wear. Maybe they have something that could work? (At least it would be cheap, right?) Otherwise, I like these other ones you've posted. Especially the second one- very cute.

  3. Those are so pretty...The last one is sooo adorable...Your trip sounds fantastic:)

    Kisses,sweetie and this post made my want to get a new one too:)


  4. Well it seems you like LSpace, No? lol. And fyi: remember when I blogged about that Missoni looking one? I went and tried it on and the bottoms were AWESOME, but the tops were no bueno. There was just a funny amount of fabric and NO lining at all...not made with real bodies in mind. and there was so much going on you wouldn't be able to like throw a shirt or dress over it...it would look funny.

    No joke, I've seen ALL of these at Everything But Water - they carry all LSpace and Vitamin A and everything, and because it's not a seasonal store they don't often run out of sizes or anything. try it out!

  5. oh I forgot - I just bought like 6 bathing suits from Victorias Secret online and just got them in the mail - I actually really like 2 of them! Miracle. They are all on clearance but have all the sizes still. I spent $50 for 2 swimsuits!

    I'll post the pics later today, but I highly recommend doing that too :)

  6. Oh yeah...$300 for a bathing suit? Come on.

  7. Yes. What Amie said - all the way. Also check the J.Crew sale section!!

    Let us know what you find...I even got a cute suit at Target once.

    Sounds like a fabulous vacation you've got planned.


  8. I love the white Vitamin A suit, although white can of course be tricky... I personally love Victoria's Secret swimwewar for the fit but my current suit is from Old Navy -- I love it!
    xo Josie

  9. I like the second one!
    And no, you're not too late at all - I have been planning to buy my swimsuit in the next few weeks because I'm cheap and I want a sale :)

  10. OMG I LOVE your blog! This is the first time I came across it & it's awesome! All of those 2010 L Space Swimwear styles are adorable! Good luck finding your perfect suit!!


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