Monday, July 5, 2010

The Bootie That (Almost) Got Away

(via Steven Brinda, by Steve Madden $179

I Know it's Summer, but a few weeks ago I dreamt up a PERFECT bootie and I've been on the hunt for it ever since. My criteria for the Perfect Bootie you might ask? Taupe/Tan-ish in color, Suede, no laces, rounded toe, I kind of like the idea of a platform but nothing over the top, HIGH HIGH HEEL or maybe even a wedge (or a pair of both, it is a dream after all).

I think this color is beautiful and would go with so many things, and I could see myself wearing it with shorter dresses in late Summer and early Fall (it's still pretty warm here in So Cal in September). Maybe odd criteria, but I've had this vision in my head and off to searching I went. I finally found said perfect Bootie (well, this one doesn't have a platform, but I wasn't expecting to meet ALL my criteria): Brinda by Steven Steve Madden! Yes, it's (almost) everything I was looking for! Sadly, it is only left in size 6 & 9.5. I can't seem to find a 7 in this color to save my life. So there it is folks, the beautiful bootie that got away.

HOWEVER, while I was searching for this picture for this post I found what might be an even MORE perfect bootie! The color is a little off from what I wanted (but this actually matches my skin coloring better anyway), this has a higher heel and a platform too and I actually think I love the shape of this one even more (it's more what I had envisioned in my head).

Chelsey Blush Suede Bootie, by Steven Steve Madden $129.95

So what do you think? I'm over-joyed at the thought of these babies on my tootsies. I will most certainly be trying this on within the next couple of weeks and will be anxious to add this to my little shoe collection (and maybe even the grey version too, it's gorgeous as well). It just goes to show that persistence pays off!

Have any shoe dreams lately?




  1. I love the nude color!! gorgeous

    xo Lynzy
    Come enter my giveaway!

  2. Gah, those first ones are amazing!! I love them! The 2nd ones are also gorgeous, I just couldn't pull off a heel that high! Hoorah for dream shoes coming true!

  3. All the time...I am such a shoes and bag girl:) I adore both styles but the first one is so beautiful:)
    Kisses sweetie and have a lovely MOnday

  4. i like #1... the cut right below the ankle bone it super sexy! I have been having shoe dreams of these Blue suede Steve Maddens:

    hope you had a great weekend!!!


  5. Chelsey Blush is FABulous!!! I totally missed out on the Cynthia Vincent for Taget tan gladiator wedges and have been on the hunt for similar ones every since, "sigh"...

  6. I tried these on in black yesterday! They're gorgeous but SO tall... I love both pairs.
    xo Josie

  7. wowee - both of these are fab! i'm not surprised that you fell in love with your dream taupe ones...ebay?

    and the grey? well those are just beautiful too.

    i have to say i fulfilled my shoe dreams with pair of cynthia vincent wedges. the ones from target never did show up in my neighborhood and i refused to spend $450 on the others.

    then i found ONE pair of the expensive ones on sale for half price. so i jumped right off my wallet and got them - it was the only pair left in the store and it was my size.

    if you find your dream shoe and you know it - treat yourself! let us know what you decide :)

  8. Great picks! Think I'd choose the gray one's for my wardrobe -- that shade is perfect!

    p.s. just because I said I'd let you know, my greeting cards are now available on Etsy :)

  9. These are such cute shoes!
    Eat, Sleep, Denim <3


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