Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Concrete Floors at Home

I know it sounds odd at first, but I'm totally smitten by concrete floors. About a year ago (one of those many times when Dan and I talked about what we want in our future home) we got on the topic of flooring. I adore the look of hardwood floors. Seriously they are hands down fabulous, and I'd take that over carpet ANY DAY! Now the only problem is that we have quite an active, and hobby-filled, lifestyle and we worry that hardwood wouldn't work for us and all our gear. We also want some big puppies (and by puppies I mean BEASTS) and think they would scratch it to pieces! We would also want consistent flooring throughout our kitchen and adjoining rooms and think hardwood in our kitchen would be a very bad idea (we cook A LOT and host A LOT and inevitably we would drop some heavy something-or-other and bang them up to shreds). So I was at a loss for what kind of flooring we could have with all this in mind. And Dan said: "it's simple. concrete" At first I thought he was crazy (I don't want my house to look like Costco!), but I did some googling, and I've been smitten ever since.

The polished concrete is perfectly modern (especially when the concrete has a lot of natural cracks or speckling) and I would warm them up with big shaggy rugs (think sheepskin throws). It's kind of perfect for us, because I think we are a little bit modern/industrial meets traditional/cozy.

So I know that was a long-winded story, but I thought I'd share some beautiful inspiration pictures I have been saving. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Cheers to finding the perfect solution (even though a home purchase is far off into the future)! Any obsessions for you current or future home?



p.s. all images courtesy of House Beautiful. These are pictures of Amy Neunsinger's home featured in that magazine. If you want to see more of Neunsinger's photography click through to HERE.


  1. agreed. I had concrete floors in my place in Denver, and I was ever so happy every time I looked at them. And it's not a silly obsession - I have a friend who emulates femininity, the very most girlie girl I know: and she ADORES anything stainless steel, calling it her fetish. She's do her whole house in brushed stainless steel if she could!

  2. I agree too....I wish I could have concrete floors in my home...I am so in love with huge windows and window-frames right now:)
    Kisses,sweetie and see you soon:)

  3. I gotta tell ya I love concrete floors. A friend of mine has a place in Palm Springs and he has concrete floors...they are amazing!

  4. ooo! i really like this idea! and the photos you found look really lovely!

  5. These are so gorgeous -- shiny and fabulous! And it sounds like they'd be very practical for your lifestyle. So chic.
    xo Josie

  6. We have a combo of hardwood floors and concrete floors. Love them both! We had concrete everywhere in the house when we moved in, but it felt a bit cold. So we added hardwood in the living and dining rooms and kept the concrete in the kitchen and all the bathrooms. Concrete is easy to care for!!


  7. These photos make me want to have concrete floors in my home :)

    Delightful Bitefuls

  8. wow, I'm absolutely loving the look of concrete - especially juxtaposed with the white and the classic chandelier. Perfect mismatch of styles!

  9. Concrete floors are 100% durable and chic. Only thing is...they can get pretty uncomfortable in the kitchen. A good trick is to buy one of those thick, kind of ugly mats they have retail workers stand on (helps protect your back) and then just throw your cute runner/rug/whatever over it so no one will know! Don't forget the rug mat though or you'll be sliding all over the place!

    We just stained our concrete floor in our basement. Kind of a process, but looks very neat!

    Can't attach a picture but I'm actually going to be blogging about it soon as the rehab moves forward!

  10. Shiny concrete floors around here, looks very nice, you are really good at this I think

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  12. Concrete is perfect for the lifestyle you and your family has. Having it polished will make it dirt and abrasion resistant, meaning that if you do get your beasts they won’t do any harm on the floors. Concrete flooring Houston (for instance) that has been polished is very durable and can handle heavy foot or equipment traffic, so you won’t have to worry about it during parties. Concrete floors are one of the most beautiful floors around! Thank you for sharing!


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