Thursday, June 17, 2010

Absolutely Divine DIY

photo courtesy of Design Sponge

For all you DIY-ers out there, here is another wonderful DIY to add to your list courtesy of Design Sponge. I have so many projects on my to do list right now, and need to get some of these done first, but this IKEA-drawer-unit-turned-luxurious-beauty is just too cool to not add on my ever growing list shown below:

1) Chambray Dress Project - I'm currently reworking an old old chambray dress. It was floor length and had long sleeves, but a few nights ago I sat in front of the TV with my seam ripper and went to town on it. Hopefully I can get this one crossed off soon. I'm just reworking the bodice now.

2) Blue, White, & Yellow Afghan - My mom had started knitting a really beautiful blanket (it's pretty much 75% complete) and I want to finish it for her. I just need to sit down and count out the rows so I can figure out what pattern she was using and get to it.

3) Projects for my Etsy shop - I have a new pillow design I've been working on, and it's about 2/3 done sitting on my knitting needles right now, and I'm also working on a knit bench (I've stained the wood and need to get crackin on the assembly).

4) Christmas Stockings - Yes I know it's June! But I started thinking about how my husband and I don't have any stockings here at home that have been made with L-O-V-E. My stocking at my dad's house was knit by my grandma with an adorable reindeer on it; and I have a stocking at my in-laws house that my mother-in-law made for me that has a cute little polar bear on it. So I know both of these stockings were made with love, but at home we have ones that we bought on the cheap when we were in college (and I don't even like them anymore). So I decided we need something more homemade at home. Each stocking will take me 3 or 4 weeks to finish, since I don't have much time to work on them and I'm knitting with very small needles. I've done about 5 or 6 rows on my husband's stocking, and had to set that to the side.

5) Hobo bag - I have a bunch of wonderful black and white fabrics that are leftover from when my mom made my beautiful quilt (shown here, although those pictures don't do it justice at all) and decided that my sisters and I would use some to sew up some hobo style bags.

6) Various knitting projects - I have about 5 more knitting projects that I'm not quite sure what to do with. They were projects started by my mom and grandmother and they are still sitting on the needles, but I have absolutely no clue what they were really making. I don't have the heart to unravel them off the needles, when I know how much work went into getting them started and I would just feel like I am unraveling a little piece of them. I will eventually figure out what to do with these (suggestions welcome) but have set them in my knitting corner for safe keeping for now.

My sisters are coming over this weekend for a little project time (yay!) and I'm hoping I can cross off at least 1 or 2 of these project to-do's off my list with them. And maybe, just maybe, in a month or so I can actually get around to this wonderful dresser DIY courtesy of Design Sponge. :)

You can't tell me this isn't absolutely gorgeous!


  1. what a stunning piece of furniture! i'm right there with you on the unfinished DIY projects i have lying around my home...i keep promising my husband i'm going to finish them but he just rolls his eyes. i guess it's just a part of being creative and always having new ideas on what we can work on next :)

  2. well, good luck with your projects! they seem pretty interesting!

  3. Oh yes I love design sponge and their before and afters. Just found your blog, so cute!

  4. Its stunning my friend:)
    I love things like this one and I adore DIY:)
    Muah and enjoy it:)
    Happy Thursday

  5. it's so elegant ^.^
    me wants~

    i cant wait to see your projects
    i love DIY!

    following you by the way :)
    hope you can check out my blog~

  6. this is unbelievable. i'm checkin those instructions right now!!

  7. Just gorgeous- i love diy projects, especially when the result is just as you envisioned! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog:-).

  8. Ooo, what a busy girl! Excited to see the re-worked Chambray dress! I've never actually seen a floor-length denim dress before (the thought is intriguing, yet mildly frightening.)

    xoxo, Ashley

  9. That drawer DIY is SO stunning. I love it! I have zero artistic/crafty ability in me but your projects all sound spectacular!
    xo Josie

  10. Wow what an amazing DIY!! Great ideas!!!


  11. wwwwow

  12. this is so super cute! love!

  13. wow! absolutely love this and right there with you on unfinished diy projects. hoping you'll share some of yours with us once you've finished! have a lovely weekend, bre!

  14. That is amazing! So jealous of everything on Design Sponge. I'm so not crafty. Have a great weekend! xxSAS


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