Friday, June 25, 2010

Opinions Needed: The Crowded Closet

Don't we all have a little too much stuff for how small our closets are, and still somehow we never have enough clothes? This is my current dilemma. The reality is, however ashamed I should be to admit it, that if my laundry bin is 100% empty, that would mean I would have a few piles of clean clothes without hangers or drawers to put them in. A few months ago I desperately tried to "fix" my situation by boxing up all my strictly "winter only" clothing items so I could have enough space for the things in my closet that I will wear more regularly.

A part of my problem is that I'm really not a big fan of drawers (except for the things you don't want hanging out of course). I like to be able to see all my options at the same time, which is why I have shoe shelves and handbag shelving in my room (well really that was my awesome husband who found those and installed them for me). We have been contemplating adding more wardrobe units into our bedroom (since we live in an apartment with tiny tiny closets) but I'm really not sure we have space for them. If we squeeze them in, then we might end up basically having our room BE a closet (i.e. the walls lined with shoes shelves, wardrobe units, and then BAM! squeezed in between would be our bed and our nightstands). We would literally be sleeping in one big closet, lol. Which I don't think would be too fun for my husband, but bless his heart it was his idea to get more wardrobe units.

So what to do, what to do? However silly or superficial it may seem, my sense of style is really a big source of my self-expression (and lately it has also been an homage to my mother) so I really would love to have a more peaceful closet routine and a little zen when sorting through whatever seems to suit my mood. Does anyone have any marvelous closet/storage/organization tips or tricks that you have used in a similar situation? We have already put our bed up on risers so we could have storage under our bed, but that stores our skis and camping gear and wrapping much space for any clothing.

Lovely ideas or links to wonderful closets are always welcome.

I'm leaving you with some drool-worthy closets to get your gears cranking! Have a wonderful weekend!

A CLASSIC closet. Who doesn't recognize Carrie's closet? And seriously how did she get such a large closet living in a small apartment?

I really LOVE this wallpaper. A beautiful paisley damask print (and since we all know I'm obsessed with black'n'white, this is just lovely). Oh and did I add I really love the chandelier in here too? As well as the vintage cases. *swoon*

Everyone needs a place to sit to try on all those fabulous shoes. And what could be better than a second chair for your sister or best friend? :)

I just love the color combo in here. Very cheery! Now this would certainly add that zen I'm looking for in my own closet. And I love how the clothes aren't too smooshed and you can actually see what is in there.

Mariah Carey's closet. If you saw that MTV Cribs episode a long, long time ago then I think this is enough said here, lol.

Uhmmm. I don't know who you belong to, but I'm sure I would love whoever you are. A woman after my own heart. I would die for this shoe situation.

I think this is Christina Ricci's closet. How fabulous is it that she has a wall just for her handbags?!



all images courtesy of weheartit


  1. I wish I had any genius tips for you, but I'm a victim of small-closet-syndrome as well. The best thing I can suggest is to get creative; I'm sure you can come up with some kind of fabulous solution! On a happier note, the closets you've featured are truly drool-worthy.
    xo Josie

  2. Our apartment came with a huge walk-in closet...and it was simply a little room before and they made it into a closet....I wish I could help...Ahh those cuties you chose are amazing...:)
    Have a wonderful weekend sweetie and see you soon:)

  3. seriously loved this post! great eye candy! :)

  4. you took the words and needs right out of my mouth and head and life. i've got a hot mess of stuff that is now spilling over into my office and

    i tried cycling the winter stuff into rubbermaids and storing in the garage. but it was still cool so i needed some stuff and now it's a cluster eff of epic proportions.

    if i don't go out of town next weekend i might tackle the issue b4 i lose my mind. if there is an iota of success you will be first to hear about it.

    please remind me too if you come up with any solutions.

    and p.s. - i'm completely tired as i type this, but i kind of feel like slapping the owners of those closets!! this is frustration typing. uh-oh.

    hope you have a grand (and organized) weekend!

  5. oh god this is the problem of MY LIFE. so great to read this post, i'm going to show it to my boyfriend so he knows i'm not the only with these issues! are any of these pictures your closet? i'd love to see how you organize (or attempt to organize, like the rest of us) your stuff! xoxolannie.

  6. Yeah, I hear ya! The only two cents I can add is to get vacuum bags for the out of season stuff. They are little miracle workers!

  7. I love love love love closets! I actually did a post a while back on them, you might really like it:

    btw thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now following you too!! ;)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Gosh I love them, such beautiful shoes! My heart started beating faster actually. :D This has got to be my greatest dream ever. For me, there's nothing to organize, as I don't have much. Yet. Haha <3


  9. I have wayyy too much stuff in my walk in closet. I could definitely get rid of some of it but I always think "Someday I will want to wear this, therefore I cannot give it away" I need to STOP :/
    I am having a giveaway (starts at midnight tonight) Be sure to stop by :)

    xo Lynz

  10. I'm not going to be much help, but since your husband doesn't seem to mind, then I say makeover your bedroom into one great big closet -- with a bed stuffed in amongst the shelves :)
    p.s. I always assumed Carrie's closet was a second bedroom. Or else she confiscated part of her next door neighbors apartment and they were just always too intimidated by her shoe collection to fight her for it :)

  11. Great images. I'm closet obsessed, too. I have to constantly remind myself that my things are there to make me happy. If they are making me frustrated, then they need to go. When I'm all zen, then I drag home a pile of new stuff and start all over again.

  12. Man, I wish I had a good closet solution! It's definitely a conundrum, especially in an apartment.

  13. Oh my gosh! What wonderful closets! I would be happy with any of these!!


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