Thursday, June 10, 2010

The flat debate

When I look at my shoe closet there are a few key missing pieces, one of which is the “in between” flats. I call “in between” flats – flats that aren’t dressy/cutesy but at the same time aren’t quite as casual or sporty as running shoes. I’d like to have some more comfy shoes for running around on weekends, but I don’t want to spend a fortune on them since I will probably only wear them maybe 10 times a year (just being honest – I can’t wear casual shoes to work so they would be basically daytime weekend only shoes, and in the summertime I usually resort to sandals so I’m sure these wouldn’t get worn tons and tons, but they are essential none the less).
Anyway here are a couple options I am thinking about.

TOMS: I love that this Company donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of TOMS that are purchased. Who doesn’t love a company with a little heart and soul? The only thing I’m not sure about is that I wonder if these would make my feet look really long. Shoes like these, without laces, seem to make the foot look a little longer don’t you think? Although I’ve seen these on several people and like how they look on others, just not too sure how I will feel once they are actually on my feet (just one of those things I am weird about).

Here's a nice mellow yellow option, although I think I'm really fond of that dark grey above. Classic Canvas TOMS in Yellow Bridgeport Linen, $48.

For something that stands out a bit more, I'm really enjoying this fun red color. Classic Canvas TOMS in Red Bridgeport Linen, $48.

These may appear to be a bit over the top, but I have seen these pictured on people and paired with simple clothing, they are actually quite cute. Tyler Ramsey Hand Painted TOMS, $68.

KEDS: Since I’m kind of an old school type, and I dig shoes with laces, I could just go back to the classic Keds. I’m loving this dip-dye version in grey or purple even.

Keds Champion Dip Dye Shoes, $40. The grey is classic, but that purple is kind of fun too!

A close-up of the grey.Keds Champion Dip Dye Shoes, $40.

CONVERSE: These are a little bit sportier so I'm a little hesitant, but I think I like these too. They come in grey or yellow (and yellow would be a fabulous and fun little color I think).

What casual “in between” shoes have you been rocking? I’d love any suggestions. :)




  1. I wear flats all the time -- I'm not really a sneaker person, so I do wear them for every occasion. I've been desperately wanting some TOMS lately! Preferably in the neutral or gray color -- so cute!
    xxoo Josie

  2. Love the converse but I've never been much of a TOMS girl - though I do love their philosophy!

  3. I am such a toms girl...I love them and I have two pairs....comfy and cute:)
    Kisses darling and have a great one:)

  4. I also am lacking a casual shoe like this - lots of ballet flats, but not much that will stand up to hours of walking. I did have a pair of keds a few years ago (which I ruined at a rainy music festival) and I really liked them! They still feel very feminine for a sneaker! Might have to re-purchase!

  5. PS: Just read through the rest of your blog & it's adorable!! Love it, following you through bloglovin!

  6. i have that pair of ash TOMS. and can i just say---buy a pair. they are remarkably cuter on the foot than they look online. and they are beyond comfy.

    i hoofed it through chicago for an entire day in a pair of those bad boys and had nary a blister. they actually have great support!!

    and you can't beat their "one for one" mentality!!

  7. I wear a lot of flats and have been considering Toms as well. If you are worried about the length, maybe get a darker color? OR you could get a group of friends to get them and have a Toms decorating party! I've heard of people doing those and personalizing their Toms shoes. It seems like fun!
    Thanks for your comment; I didn't think it was too long ;) I agreed with everything you had to say about diffusion.

  8. hi
    I only wear flats, I am 5"8 so f I wear heels I am a giant!
    I love little pumps like these
    fun and comfy and a little bit smarted than sneekers.

  9. I've been eyeing those converse star shoes for the longest time at my local Target! They come in so many great colors!! One of these days I'll finally break down and buy a few pairs ;-)

  10. keds are cute but a little sportier i think — toms all the way! what's better than looking cute and giving back at the same time?

  11. I would say the Keds or the Toms for sure! Though I do love my classic b&w converses. The grey Toms look so comfy, it looks almost as if you'd be walking around in slippers!

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  12. Very nice!! I really need to invest in a pair of TOMS. They've also started making wedges!!

    <3 Kelly


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