Monday, June 21, 2010

Denim Leggings?! Yes Please!

BDG Medium Blue Wash Denim Legging, $39 at Urban Outfitters.

Yes, you read that right. A legging made out of denim. It may sound kind of weird but they are the perfect combo with the comfort of a legging and the "put togetherness" of a skinny jean. I was a little skeptical myself at first, but on Friday I did some minor Retail Therapy (nothing too huge but I managed to buy these babies at Urban Outfitters, that store is really quite dangerous for my pocketbook but I'm just drawn to it). The problem with my normal skinny jeans, is that they start to stretch too much throughout the day and lose a little shape creating what looks like a saggy bottom. And that certainly is not a hot look (saggy bottom britches should be on the list of big no-no's somewhere after VPL). I thought maybe a denim legging would have less of a sag factor since my regular leggings never sag, so I snatched these up and tested them out over the weekend and I am happy to report that they certainly wore wonderfully. They are very fitted like a nice skinny jean, but the stretchiness never lost shape (i.e. even after a long day of wearing them my the pants still fit snugly in all the right places). And to the normal eye, you wouldn't even notice these are technically a "legging" unless you realized that they didn't have a zipper in the front.

A close-up. See the lack of zipper in the front? This is the only tell-tale sign that these aren't 100% your standard jean. But trust me these still look structured enough to be worn in lieu of your normal skinnies.

I love them so much I'm going back to buy another pair in this faded gray color. I think it is fabulous (I was worried a light color might over-emphasize my curves and make me look a little too booty-licious, but I think they will be fine - besides this year I've been working on accepting my shape as it is, bootay and all!).

BDG Light Grey Denim Legging, $39 at Urban Outfitters.

They have a few other colors too (see below) so if you are like me and LOVE LOVE your skinnies, but hate hate it when they've lost their great shape at the end of the day then check these puppies out.

Here's the other colors I saw in stores:

BDG Denim Leggings in: Black, 70s Denim Blue, and Charcoal. $39 each at Urban Outfitters.

And these I didn't see in store, they might be online only, but I could die over this color. It makes me wish I could wear jeans everyday....oh to have a jeans-wearing job would be absolutely wonderful. :)

BDG Purple Acid Wash Denim Legging, $39 at Urban Outfitters.





  1. yep! I love these. They are especially great in the winter with some tall boots :)

  2. I saw these too! Are they comfortable?

  3. brilliant i say! BRILLIANT!

    i have a pair of these and never would have thought i'd love them as much as i do. crazy or what?

    i say get the other pair too! think boots in the fall...

  4. I am wearing a grey pair today and I really love them....I just got them last week and they are so comfy and look so cute:)
    Kisses sweetie and Happy First Day of Summer:)

  5. I have always been hesitant about these because I have some bootay as well, but you have inspired me to give them a try.

  6. I bought a pair of dark denim and black denim leggings from macy's for $20 last winter and love them. I usually do a long top so you don't notice the no zipper thing. they are wonderful when wearing flats and awesome for slipping into tall boots.

  7. Love em.
    Visit my blog to win a fun contest I am having right now

  8. I love these! So cute and very chic... Plus your picks are super-affordable. Love it.
    xo Josie

  9. :) jeggings (jean leggings) are super cute! love them!

  10. Jeggings are the greatest invention. I live in my Joe's Jeans jeggings... They're the best!


  11. I kind of really LOVE the first ones!!!!


  12. Jeggings are thee best, and there so comfy!!

    <3 Kelly

  13. These leggings really are a great idea. They're perfect for the winter and tucking them into boots.


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