Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring's side-swept braid

Alexander Wang, Spring 2010 show

I've always been a big fan of the side braid and I will use pretty much any excuse to wear one. Camping? check. Beach day? check. Bike ride, lazy weekend, and even (*gasp*) work? check check check. I think with the right outfit I've been able to pull this off in a professional setting, even at my very conservative job...well at least nobody has told me otherwise so I'm sticking to it. I think the side braid is perfectly youthful without being too much on the silly side like piggy tails, so with it coming back in vogue this Spring I say braid it up ladies! Here are some of my favorite pictures of braids from Spring fashion week:

And while I think those Rumpelstiltskin long braids are wonderful, my shorter hair usually looks a little more like this (which is just great too).

Photos courtesy of Getty Images & Imaxtree


  1. i am loving the braids! Honestly the most perfect hair-do when I dont have enough time to fully blowdry and style my hair before class! plus, sometimes I get lucky and the waves even look kinda cute when I take it out :)


  2. I cut my hair recently so the side braid is a little more complicated. There are many more pins involved to keep the shorter pieces in place, but I love all braids!

  3. I love it! I wish my hair was thick/long enough to do the side swept braid in the first image! It's such a cute look.

  4. i should go for this look this summer... my hair is extremely long right now and i am always looking for different styles for it :)

  5. LOVE these braids! my hair is finally long again, and i've been trying my hand at a fish-tail braid! can't wait to sport this summery look soon :)


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