Friday, March 5, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier...for Target!

I have to say, Target has managed to pull off both some miracles and some serious disappointments with its series of designer collaborations. A couple years back I almost fainted when I read in the LA Time Image section that Alice Temperley (of Temperley London) would be doing a line for Target. **gasp** I ADORE her clothing, but that is a whole different blog for a different make it short I saw this dress by Temperley London in after-show pics from fashion week in 2005 and spent quite a bit of time hunting down the maker of this beauty.

Needless to say, the day her Target line opened I made my way over there and made out like a bandit with a beautiful pleated black trench, fantastic trademarked Temperley knit vest, suspendered pants, a blue chiffon blouse, and a blue & black tunic sweater dress/shirt. It was one of those ridiculously happy moments. Ever since that time, I make a point to check now and then on Target's newest designer series. Sometimes things look really promising online but can be really disappointing in person (poor construction), but overall it's worth checking out more often than not.

In March's Real Simple magazine I spotted that Jean Paul Gaultier was adding his name to the list of ever-growing Target collaborations so I immediately hopped online to check out the potential. And I must say, there are three pieces that could be totally fabulous and at fabulous prices. As long as the construction is well-made, that little trench coat above will be mine! It is the perfect replacement for the black jacket I have been wearing this winter, and a great transition in to Spring.

Here are my other two favorites: an eyelet dress (although I would style this differently) and a super cute shirt-dress (but please nix the tights). Intrigued? It couldn't be more perfect timing; JPG's line will be available as of March 7th! I'd advise you to go check it out too (just don't steal the last trench if you live in Irvine please).

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  1. Hey Bre -

    Sounds like you would absolutely LOVE my cousin's wife's blog. Caitlin Wilson. Check her out - She's an interior designer.

    Love the blog!


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