Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outdoor Update for Spring: Bicycles!

Chloe Sevigney's apartment

As a self-proclaimed outdoor junkie, I was so excited for Spring so I could start riding my bike on a more regular basis. This past weekend I dug out my bicycle and went for a nice ride around town - a beautiful way to get some sun, people watch, and feel the breeze. While I have bicycles on the brain, I thought I'd show a couple pictures of homes where bicycles are key to the decor. The picture above is from Chloe Sevigney's apartment and I really love that her bike matches her wallpaper...what a stylish setup for a bike enthusiast!

And here is another bike used as functional decor; just ready to be picked up on the way out the door (and of course I'm totally in love with the vintage case at the foot of the stairs as well).
In biking accessories news: I've decided I definitely need a basket on my bike to make my weekend trips to the local marketplace a little bit easier. I've done some research and found this nifty little quick-release basket made by Electra.

This silver color matches my bike beautifully and the quick-release means I can easily snap it off my bike and bring it in the store with me. This is kind of a perfect fit, so I'm thinking I'll need to make my way over to REI to investigate if this will work with my bike. If you're a bike enthusiast at all, you may enjoy Electra's website as they have all sorts of neat bike accessories (bells, coffee holders, flashy hubs for your wheels!). Really I could have spent a few hours searching around on there, but it was just making me want to buy a second bike (a cruiser!) so I stopped. :)

If you don't think biking is your thing (and visiting Electra's site still didn't convince you), maybe this guy will at least give you a giggle (those are some mad skills smoking while biking in a suit!).

Photos courtesy of The Sartorialist, REI, and others unknown

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  1. gorgeous pics, thanks for inspiring and sharing!


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