Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy (pillows & flashbacks) Friday!

Happy Friday readers! I thought I'd end the week by showing you some shots of what has been sitting on my knitting needles the past few weeks. These are some of the new pillows that I'm adding to my etsy shop. I created my own patterns for all these pillows - really mostly just putting my own spin on some classic stitches that I really love (if you can't tell, I'm all about the texture!). I've stitched these all out of soft wool-blends that really make for quite cushy...well, cushions.

a close-up of the Cartridge Stitch in Spice

I owe all my stitching skills to my redMomma who taught me how to knit one Summer when I was about 8 years old. I was just as big of a busy body then as I am now, and if I wasn't outside playing rugby, baseball, boxing while on rollerblades (you can thank my brother for that one) or jump rope with the neighborhood kids, then I was probably inside playing old school Nintendo ("up up down down left right left right B A B A...") or creating massive obstacle courses around the house with my brother and sisters (how were we supposed to know someone would kick a hole in the wall riding down the stairs on our homemade cardboard box cars?).

I loved making little crafts anyway, but I think my mom was genius for coming up with a quieter, more productive, alternative to keeping me both busy and stop me from causing a disaster in the house. :)

Hope You Enjoy! (I apologize in advance for all the scrolling if you are viewing this from my blogspot)
close-up, Wheat Sculptural Knit

a close-up of the Triple Moss Stitch


  1. Those are cute. I really like the spice colored one. I bet they are just perfect to cuddle up with on a drizzly day like today!

    xx Amanda

  2. i love those pillows! have a happy easter!


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