Friday, September 10, 2010

Current Obsession: Sparkle sparkle sparkle

I'm currently in love with hints of sparkle here and there to shake things up a bit for Fall. I especially love the way metallic nails offset the somber colors of Fall to give the perfect combo of sophisticated and fun. I've been sporting super metallic nails all week (see above, I'm wearing Milani Disco Lights) and I've been loving it, so I thought I'd share a couple quick tips on how to wear them:

1) If you're going to have crazy sparkly nails you should probably have a relatively monochromatic or simple outfit. This week I've been sporting all black, off-white, and camel colored ensembles with the Disco nails above. Let the nails be the star of the show here!

2) Keep the nails short. If you want to avoid being too over-the-top (and looking like you get paid by the hour on the street corner) then keep your nails trimmed nice and neat too. Super long nails can take this look from sophisticated fun to drag queen in an instant.
And Voila! There you have it. Some beautiful sparkle to add a bit of fab to the somber colors of Fall and Winter. Now of course I have a lot of pink in my complexion so I steer clear of the super golden metallics, but if that suits your skin tone better than rock that as often as possible. :)




  1. Love love love love love this nail polish!!! :)

    Who is the brand?

  2. These are GORGEOUS! You should be a nail polish pro, and I love the sparkly shade!
    xo Josie

  3. Loving this color... how fun! (I need to pick up some sparkly polish pronto.)


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