Wednesday, September 15, 2010

confessions from the dressing room...

Ok. So not the best picture ever but I totally stalked this dress and was too excited about it! I snapped this pic from my blackberry to send to my good buddy Tracy who helped me hunt this thing down.

The backstory: Have you ever had a moment where you saw a dress in a store and you suddenly knew that dress is oh so you and you HAD to have it? That's how the stalking of this dress started. I saw it in the store front at H&M on themannequinand immediately walked inside looking for the dress. They were all of out my size on the rack so I asked a sales associate about it. Apparently this dress is part of the very hard to get H&M Trend line (if you haven't heard of it, the Trend line is H&M's higher quality, higher priced, but also more amazing line). Most H&M Trend items are hard to get ahold of and they don't even sell them at a lot of the H&M stores. The sales associate told me that out of all the H&M's in So. Cal this dress was only being sold at my local store (South Coast Plaza), Beverly Hills, and Glendale. He called around and they happened to be out of my size at all of those locations. In a moment of desparation I looked at the tag from the dress on the mannequinn: SIZE 2!

Yes! It's my size!...but not so fast, they told me they aren't allowed to take anything off the mannequinns until H&M has told them they can change the front windows (something about a very strict policy on what needs to be displayed in the store front). I was basically told: Sorry you're out of options right now, but that they would be changing the displays soon so check back again later. So I came back to the store later in the week to see if they had switched out the front display, hoping this dress would have been placed back on the regular racks...nope, not yet.

Then I went back the following week and they still hadn't switched it out. I asked one of the sales associates about it again and she told me they could reserve the dress for me and I would be given a call once they took it off the mannequin (apparently this is a standard practice! they even had a specific binder at the register for this to reserve clothing on the mannequins, why hadn't the guy mentioned it to me before? Obviously I was in LOVE with this dress!). Anyway, long story short...too late....she looked in the book and somebody else had already reserved it, but she told me to call back the next day at 1pm and if the other person hadn't picked it up yet they would give it to me (wink, wink).

So I called the next day right at 1pm and they had it available! yes! With all this effort I was really hoping the dress would fit me right, I ran over to the store and here's the result! Sorry, such a long story but I really love this dress. It has the tiniest shoulder pad to give a little pouf on the sleeves, and it's perfectly tailored (I love the paneling on the sides), and I even like the zipper up the back.

This dress totally turned me into a stalker, but it was well worth it. I'm sure I will wear this with every chance I get. :)

Now please tell me I'm not totally crazy and you've seriously obsessed over something like this before too. Well ok, yeah I know I was a women obsessed...I couldn't even enjoy looking at any other dress until I knew I had this one. We all have our moments right?




  1. LOVE the shoes Bre!!

    ohh and btw, can't wait to see the results of your vest! I tried making one once with my mom ... same story - tiny bits of fur all over the house!!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  2. That is one great story...I bet you love that dress as its beautiful:)
    Glad you finally got it:)

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet jewelry GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in!!!

  3. OK, the dress is FAB, and I see why you stalked it. I too have done the same thing. It was meant to be yours!! SO glad I found your blog. I'm following!


  4. You look so cute! What a darling dress -- way to persevere!
    xo Josie

  5. OMG,i soo know what your talking about! :D i had one of those "stalking" moments when Topshop released the most AH-MAZING black peep-toe wedges in the world :D so after 2 months of looking for replica's of them (as £80 for the Topshop version was waayyyy out of my budget) i was thrilled when New Look started doing them for ONLY £25! yeyyyy haha :D and amazing dress :D

    StopAndStareStyle = my super-duper fashion & style blog :D COMMENT,FOLLOW,READ & ENJOY! :D

    StopAndStareStyle = my super-duper fashion & style blog :D COMMENT,FOLLOW,READ & ENJOY! :D

  6. Wow that dress fits you so well! It looks like it was worth the stalking!!

  7. You look absolutely amazing in that dress, it fits you like a glove! So happy you were able to get it. I've never heard of the H&M trend line but it sounds like it'll be really nice quality. I wish I had an H&M store a little closer to me!

  8. Love your shoes and dress! : )

  9. ahahahaha this is what happens to women when we strongly desire something! mad until we have it in hand!
    I must say that you are well .... all this was worth it!
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