Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Operation: Bring Desk to Life!

Brocade Magnetic Bulletin Board, $39.99 @ The Container Store

I decided today that my desk at my new job needs a dramatic makeover. At my last gig I never spent anytime in my office (because I was always out at clients) so my office pathetically consisted of just a desk and chair and one picture...just ONE lonely picture! Now that I will actually be sitting at the same desk for five days a week, I think it's time for that space to resemble me.

Of course, I need to decide on some pictures to hang up, but I've found the perfect place to put them already. I'm 100% loving the Brocade line of desk accessories at the Container Store, as evidenced above.

This Brocade Magentic Board is not only whimsical, but it serves a great purpose. I hate using thumbtacks and putting holes in pictures, so I love being able to use magnets when hanging up photos (I have a magnetic inspiration board at home for this reason).

See & Store Containers, $1.99 each @ The Container Store

I also think these See & Store Containers (which are magnetic) would be cool to put up on this board as well. It's a great fun way to keep paper clips (which my new Company LOVES - they don't staple anything) and binder clips within reach.

Brocade Pencil Cup, $4.99 @ The Container Store

I like the idea of the matching Brocade Pencil Holder too, but I also I think it's good to not go overboard on the matchy-matchy so I'll stop here. If you like these designs, there are plenty of other great Brocade desktop accessories (bins, magazine racks, etc) there too.

Also, a calendar is a must! I found a couple of cute mini-desk versions on Etsy as shown below (side note: Btw Amie, why don't you sell a calendar on your etsy shop? I'd think you could put together a really cute one with all the prints you've made in the past year. And this time of year is so perfect for selling them too!). I think I like the first one the most; that little hedgehog in August is just too cute.

Little Forest 2011 Mini Wall Calendar Limited Edition, $15 on Stephanie Fizer's Etsy Shop

2011 Winifred Studios Calendar, $24 on winifredStudios Etsy Shop

Now I need to find a couple of picture frames, and possibly decide on some cute bookends (I have some at home already that may workout).




  1. I love love this collection I have the file cabinet.


  2. Love that pencil cup -- so cute! I love organizational stores; they're so fun.
    xo Josie


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