Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kitchen Experiments

Having a job where I now only work about 45 hours a week, has given me a new burst of energy to start doing all those things I never felt like I had time to do before. The past month or so I have been cooking and playing in the kitchen much more than my normal tired self (the past 3 years I've alwaysput together weekly dinner lists, but I've been trying new things more often now). I typically do not post food on my blog, because I don't really use recipes (I just cook what I want to cook - semi-mad scientist style), but I thought the colors from our canning project this weekend were so beautiful I wanted to share. So here's a couple snapshots of the peppers, carrots & onion mixture we canned this weekend (which we spiced up with the habaneros that we grew on our back patio).




  1. So pretty! I just started canning this past summer, but have never used a pressure canner. That is on my list for this summer for sure!

  2. Yay for not working as much! Great photos!!
    velvet cupcakes

  3. These are GORGEOUS! Glad you have a bit more time on your hands now, doll!
    xo Josie


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