Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flashback + Confession: Who Wears Bike Shorts?

Where to start with this one...I guess with the confession part: I have been seeing cycling shorts on some European runways for Spring 2011 and I really must admit I adore this look to pieces. The reason you might ask? It reminds me of all the bike shorts my mom used to sew for me when I was a little girl. When I was about 4 years old I remember having these wonderful turquoise bike shorts with black polka dots (and my two sisters had matching ones too) and I wore them constantly. I loved them and wish I could find pictures of me in them, but unfortunately my parents had a flooding incident awhile back and a lot of my childhood pictures went out with the water; however, the memories remain ingrained in my mind. Maybe the lack of photos from my childhood increases the nostalgia I feel from fashion itself, but I just can't help but look at bike shorts and smile and think of my beautiful momma and the many things she used to sew for me.

So hate the bike shorts if you must, but don't shun me for loving them because I will most certainly be wearing them as street wear in the months to come. I already workout in bike shorts so it's not a huge stretch for me to incorporate them into my normal weekend wear. I guess I should say right here that the right styling is incredibly important to pull off bike shorts so it's not sooo "just coming back from the gym". The use of these shorts throughout Stylein's Spring 2011 collection is the perfect example. The show was sprinkled with beautiful flowy blouses with delicate (even sheer) bike shorts. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

What do you think?



All photos from Stylein's Spring 2011 show. First and last photo courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion & middle photo credit to Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook


  1. did you use the google translater or how could you understand what I wrote ;) And you know what I think natural red is the most beautiful colour ever! There is noo way to die it perfectly so it looks naturally but on the other hand I totally get what you mean.. It's probably really harder to die red hair then brown or blonde..

    Nice blog btw!!

  2. really cute!! I LOVE these looks, and now I want some bike shorts :)

  3. That is a very cool look...I adore bike shorts and I will be wearing them for sure!

    Kisses my dear

  4. I think those girls look cute in them...just not so sure I could pull them off!

  5. I just don't think I can do it... But I also have some excellent memories in bike shorts!
    xo Josie

  6. cool blog!
    check also mine and maybe we can become blogfriends? :)


  7. Effortlesly chic!

    following your blog now.


    let me know if you want to trade links:)

  8. Love this look! Looking forward to our Spring time in Soth Africa

  9. I'm loving that last ourtfit! Great shoes too! happy weekend doll ;)

  10. yep - like em too! just not sure if it's a look i will try myself.

    xx Niki
    A Haute Mess

  11. It looks great on the catwalk, but I wouldn't wear it myself :) x


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