Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dim Sum Plum + Readers' Input

This stripey dress gets some major mileage. I've worn it a million times in about a million different ways (worn here as a top but also seen HERE as a full dress). I'm pretty sure I'll wear this dress to the ground long before my love for it dies.

On other topics I have a question for my readers. I've been thinking about doing a little blog makeover and had thought of adding an "outfits" tab on the top toolbar so readers can click through to browse through some of the outfits I've posted. My question to you as my reader: Is this something you would like? Do you even like my outfit posts or do you skip over them? Would you like to see them more often? As a fashion-lover, I like the idea of having a style journal with pictures of my day-to-day style and how it evolves over time (instead of just snapshots of me at parties and events). Since I like the idea of seeing my daily wear, I'd be up to post more outfit photos (maybe a few times a week), but I'm not sure if that would bore my readers (and it's still something I'm getting used to, so it feels a bit vain posting pictures of myself everyday unless other people actually want to see it). So what do you think? Your thoughts are welcome (even if you don't like the outfit posts that's fine too, just don't be TOO mean about it please). :)

Thanks for your input!



outfit credit:
Dress worn as top - H&M
Skirt - Diane Von Furstenburg
Shoes - ASOS
Sunglasses - RayBan
Handbag - vintage
Jewelry - Peugeot watch, vintage Seiko watch, and others unknown.
Nails - OPI Dim Sum Plum. I included this one just in case you were wondering where I got the name for today's post. :)


  1. Really love that dress...It looks very stylish and so comfy too:)
    I would love if you put the outfit column in...I truly get inspired by your outfit posts:)

    Happy Tuesday and see you soon:)

  2. thx for your sweet comment!!! Ps: How did u understand the nothaving nail polish on oart ;) Didnt I just write that in german ;) ?

    Ps: nice blog here!!


  3. Gorgeous dress, darling!
    Yay for more outfit posts!


  4. Love those shoes! I have ones in a similar color, but I love the detail on yours!

  5. stripes are so classic and so NOW. you look great.


  6. really nice shoes! also loving the watch ;)

  7. love this look & great shoes xxx

  8. This outfit is gorgeous, very chic =]

    am now following, would love if you did the same!!

  9. I love your outfit posts, dear! You are too cute. And I'm so loving your striped dress -- you look absolutely stunning!
    xo Josie

  10. an outfits tab would be awesome! you could probably do a couple of other tabs too...you cover a lot of ground here!

  11. I love stripes, I'm wearing a stripes t shirt right now! :D shoes are incredible

    I like day-to-day outfit posts, if you want to write a blog about fashion, people have to know how YOU see fashion, and so they can understand your personal style and be inspired by something they like in it. I love getting inspired by other's people outfits, because every one has different ideas about how to match t shirts, skirts, jeans...everything, so it's interesting to see how many different looks you could have with the same thing!



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