Monday, December 20, 2010

Ear Muffs??! Yes Please!

When I think back to Winter time as a child I remember waiting for the school bus in the snow. My mom always made sure I was plenty bundled up, and in addition to the normal scarf, snow boots, and coat, she had me wear earmuffs too. I HATED those things!! I thought they were ridiculously nerdy and as soon as I got out of sight I would take them off and stuff them in my bookbag. But now, somehow (maybe since I'm not an awkward little girl with glasses anymore) I seem to kind of love them! I wouldn't wear them around So Cal, but I'm thinking of finding a pair to wear for skiing. My hats never really seem to keep my ears warm when I hit the slopes, but these adorable heart-shaped muffs would definitely do the trick!

Faux Fur Heart Shaped Earmuffs,£14.00Urban Outfitters (in Black)

Faux Fur Heart Shaped Earmuffs,£14.00Urban Outfitters (in Purple)

Heart Shaped Ear Muffs, $5.50 @ Forever 21

UGG Cardy Earmuffs, $86.20 @ ASOS (ok - now these ones are pretty pricey for earmuffs, but I like the cable-knit look and would just use this picture as inspiration to help me find something more affordable)

Hope you are bundling up this week! It's been raining constantly where I live!!




  1. I just got a pair of earmuffs and Im loving them:) The Ugg pair is so sweet:) happy Monday

  2. I never wore earmuffs as a kid but I'm OBSESSED now. They're so cute!
    xo Josie

  3. I LOVE THESE! Very cute... need to start wearing mine!
    Happy Holidays


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