Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bike Crazy!

(a view from my bike ride this past weekend)

It's official my friends, I have gone a bit bike crazy. Getting back into biking this Spring has been such a rush for me. I love it! It reminds me of riding the neighborhood aimlessly as a child: wind in the face, sun shining, and not a worry in sight. It's also a great way to get out and have a beautiful view while you're getting a good workout.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm going to be doing the bike portion of a relay triathlon this August, but in the mean time I've signed up for plenty of things to keep myself occupied. This weekend I'll be doing a 28 mile out-and-back beach ride down in San Diego with some family members (this isn't an actual "event" just something we've been looking forward to doing).

I'm also very excited for Memorial weekend, since my husband and I will be participating in the 45th annual Great Western Bicycle Rally. If you haven't heard of it, it is a great cycling celebration. There are 27 different rides/routes; all varying in distance and level of difficulty. Most events are non-competitive and are not timed nor guided. We have chosen to do the 30 mile "Bike the Wine Country" route. It is a 30 mile bike ride (with a 2,000 ft. elevation gain) through the beautiful wineries of Paso Robles, California. There are 5 wineries along the bike trails, and for those wanting to stop in for a tasting or two, they have arranged to hold your purchases back at the fairgrounds for you so you don't have to carry bottles with you on the long trek. I think it will be gorgeous to bike through and I'm just very excited for this adventure with my man.

We will also be doing the Fiesta Ride in San Diego next month (which has 20, 40, and 100 mile ride options). We aren't trying to race and get a best time or anything intense, we just want to enjoy the ride & the view...and of course the Mexican fiesta and mariachis at the end of the ride. Seriously who can turn that down?

So there it is. Proof enough of my obsession? lol. My husband even bought me the Garmin Foreruner 305 watch for my birthday last week. So far I really love it for both the biking and running modes (I'm sad I can't play with my watch this week since I'm staying in a hotel and would look a little silly wearing a training watch in just the hotel gym, lol).

So what do you think? Gone a little crazy? What hobbies are you really amped on this Spring & Summer?



p.s. Wow, this was a long post for me without a lot of pictures. Hoping to get back into more of a normal routine next week. :)


  1. I'm so looking forward to getting a bike (hopefully very soon)!! That is definitely one thing I'm looking forward to this spring/summer. Best of luck on your Triathlon!!

  2. So glad to hear more about your training! I love my Garmin watch too! It's so addictive to workout and then track them! Can't wait to hear more!!

  3. Bike Riding is my ultimate fav!!!!! When I was in Austin I went on a killer bike ride!


  4. I should do the same...biking is great and I am so happy you really going for it!
    Good for you...You are not crazy
    Kisses :)

  5. I love your passion! I wouldn't say crazy, I'd say passionate. Everyone needs something to be passionate about in their lives. For me, it's rock climbing. Love it! I am excited for the fab weather... if it ever comes to Utah.


    p.s. I just mentioned you in my last post featuring Junghwa by AMy Stewart! Check it out if you'd like :)

  6. I love your excitement! My husband and I are going to get into tennis... and maybe bocce ball for a little less running around ;)


  7. I'm "really amped" (new catchphrase, thank you) on homemade chocolate chip cookies and floral sundresses. Your obsession is probably a lot healthier...
    xxoo Josie

  8. lovely postt his is very interesting post

  9. Good for you!!!! Well done girl!
    Lovely post... and your photo is great!


  10. I haven't yet gotten back on my bicycle since the Fall, sadly enough. I should get to that this coming week... isn't it the best addiction ever?

  11. god i love long bike rides. wish it were warm enough here to do that more often...


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