Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sex & the City 2: Whoa 80's flashback!

OK, So I actually LOVE this first picture of a crazed 80's flashback Samantha (I find it hilarious). I did some googling last night to see when the Sex and the City 2 movies premieres (May 27th, if you were interested) and I found these hilarious images that I thought I MUST share. There must be some funny 80's flashback scene in this movie, which I don't recall seeing in the previews. I had been a little torn about whether or not I really wanted to see it (Carrie and Aidan again? no way...I can't bare the thought of her possibly cheating on BIG after all they've been through!),but this alone could make it worth seeing.

Hope you have a good laugh!

And this one was just too fabulous...had to leave you with something lovely. :)



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  1. LOVE IT! And that last photo of SJP is absolutely stunning.
    xxoo Josie

  2. I want a walkman for an accessory! (Did anyone see last week's episode of Britta on Community with the discman)?!?! Please tell me old school electronics aren't coming back!

  3. Samantha looks amazing! I cannot wait! xoxo

  4. Taj, I agree she does look great! I can’t wait for the movie :) I am sooooo excited :)
    Great photos :)
    Kisses :)

  5. I can't wait for the sequel!!

    I have a large group of girlfriends champing at the bit to go see this movie, bring on June for us Aussies! :-)

  6. I never watched the t.v. show but I did see the first movie! These pictures are hilarious!

  7. CAN NOT WAIT!! Love these pictures :)

  8. I am so excited for this movie. It almost makes me wish they would just continue on with the tv show again!
    Bre, your blog is too adorable :) are you a natural redhead? if so, me too! I really like your outfit post below this one.

  9. hahaha love these! can't wait to see it!

  10. thanks for sharing... those images are fantastic... I wonder what that scene is all about....hahahaha!

  11. And yet Charlotte still looks so prim and proper!


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