Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentine

*after our 53 mile Valentine's ride*

When asked what I wanted to do for Valentine's Day, I told my husband that I wanted to ride a 53 mile out-and-back beach ride (and of course have an excellent seafood dinner while sharing a bottle of wine!). Sometimes it amazes me that he goes along with my hair-brained ideas (it's not like we've every ridden anything close to that in one day before, I just figured we could handle it), but he did, and I'm so glad because it was so much fun. We bike 26.5 miles from Yorba Linda park to Huntington Beach and found a nice little spot to grab a beer and have lunch before heading back. Although this might not be the typical Valentine's, it's very us, and I wouldn't have changed a minute of the weekend.

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's too!




  1. This sounds like a LOVELY day, doll! I think that Valentine's Day celebrations should definitely be personal, and it sounds like yours was.
    xo Josie

  2. That sounds like an awesome way to spend any day. :)


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